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We are a versatile company that focuses on various areas of the gastronomic industry. We have managed to fuse our talents into a multi-disciplinary organization that covers a wide spectrum; from providing world-class cooking courses, to helping restaurants improve their service, to accounting solutions and graphic design. In addition, Cuisine Standard comercializes and implements technology and equipment.
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We are a team of professionals who have gotten together to merge diverse talents that fulfill a necessity in the gastronomic industry. A combination of experience, vision and team work is what makes us a unique company in Ecuador. We are able to provide a wide range of services from chef consulting to graphic design and technologic innovation. It is because of our versatility and discipline, that our clients have chosen us. The results of our work are tangible and measurable.


We are committed to providing the best gastronomic solutions in the region, through good communication, planning and organized execution.


We have had the privilege of working along side with a number of organizations and companies, some of them of international recognition. Some of these relationships are permanent and have been very fruitful.